Known as a non-invasive and holistic treatment option, Himalayan Salt therapy has been known to ease symptoms and boost respiratory and immune systems. Salt therapy is undertaken in salt chambers, which are temperature-controlled rooms with walls made from salt blocks.  While patients are exposed to the salt chamber environment, salt particles are inhaled, which results in reduced bronchial inflammation and mucosal build up. These effects result in easier breathing and improved respiratory outcomes.


Research on the effectiveness of salt therapy is expanding. Studies so far have shown the promising potential of salt therapy in improving respiratory outcomes, but further evidence is needed. Salt Innovation is engaging in this research while also reviewing new findings as new research is published. (“new findings” can be hyperlinked to a section on the latest research under the heading “For researchers”)


It should be noted that salt therapy is not a replacement for medication. At present, salt therapy is being tested as a supplement to existing treatment regimens. Any changes in medication dosage and the regimen should be discussed beforehand with a physician.